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United Traders

United Traders – a brand that encompasses several products in the field of trading

Investment marketplace

Has been working since 2012. New interface release coming in September - October 2017. Investment proposals from the traditional and new economies: algorithmic strategies on NYSE, cryptocurrency strategies, IPO, ICO, OTC.

All exchanges in one platform

Aurora – a platform that supports operations at NYSE, NASDAQ, CME, MOEX and other exchanges since 2011. Right now we are making cryptocurrency exchanges, large orders execution service available and getting ready to launch an exchange of our own.


Financial dictionary on boosted its attendance by 25 times. We are aiming to repeat this success in other languages and for other audiences.


History and Roadmap

  • Development of the UT brand
    Feb 2009
  • First seminars
  • Arche platform launch
  • UT Magazine launch
  • Mass courses launch
  • Launch of Aurora
  • Launch of Kvadrat Black
  • Development of a financial dictionary
  • IPO launch
  • Affiliates UT release
  • OTC stocks launch
    Jan 2017
  • UT Crypto launch
    Jun 2017
  • Education UT release
    Jul 2017
  • Investment marketplace release
    Oct 2017
  • 2nd stage of the Financial dictionary launch on UT Magazine
    Oct 2017
  • New Education interface
    Nov 2017
  • New Affiliates UT interface
    Nov 2017
  • New Trader's personal account interface
    Dec 2017
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges made available on Aurora
    Dec 2017
  • ICO launch on Investment platform
    Jan 2018
  • Acceptance of as means of payment
    Jan 2018
  • UT smart route release
    1 Q 2018
  • New Aurora interface
    1 Q 2018
  • Launch of a cryptocurrency dark pool
    1-2 Q 2018
  • Full release of UTEX cryptocurrency dark pool
    2-3 Q 2018
  • Mobile platform version
    3 Q 2018
  • Launch of the UT community
    3-4 Q 2018
  • Launch of a decentralized UTDEX exchange
  • Obtaining a license
  • Tokenization of shares in the companies

Investment marketplace release

A unified interface will incorporate all major projects. Now, the back-end of our educational platform and partner program are running in production mode, whereas the remaining components are at the stage of closed Beta testing. The first release will include the investment marketplace, and an update of the main page and some other sections.

Tokens placement

Total number
100  000  000
For Sale
65  000  000
UT founders and employees
30  000  000
Partnership program and Bounty
5  000  000
After the ICO the undistributed part will be destroyed

Revenue distribution

Product team22%
Marketing and adverts18%
Special project expenses
Megadictionary content  6%
Market Making UTEX8%
ICO Projects8%

For more details on the tokens distribution see


Application of UT token

Token UT token is 100% legal as a gift card for purchases. Token UT token is a product token (Howey test assessment: 20).

Please find details of the tokens application at .
Investment Marketplace
InvestorsPay fees in UT token for participation in investment ideasDEC '17
Swap UT token for ICO projects tokensQ1−2 '18
ManagersPay in UT token for consultations on ICO topicsQ1−2 '18
Get UT token for implementation of investment ideasQ1−2 '18
Start-upsPay in UT token for consultations on ICO topicsQ1−2 '18
Pay in UT token for on-platform placement applications processingJAN '18
Get UT token in exchange for their ICO tokensDEC '17
ExpertsGet UT token for ICO projects admission votingQ2−4 '18
Get UT token for investment ideas admission votingQ2−4 '18
Get UT token for successful projects admissionQ2−4 '18
Exchange and Trading
TradersPay trade execution fees in UT tokenDEC '17
Market makersGet UT token for maintaining the liquidity requirementsQ1−2 '18
Start-upsPay in UT token for start of their tokens public tradingQ1−2 '18
ExpertsGet UT token for assessment of tokens admission for public tradingQ2−4 '18
AdvertisersPay in UT token for clicks or ad showsQ1-2 '18
Pay in UT token for articles, getting their priority right to place their ads in themQ1-2 '18
Get UT token for their services rendered to usersQ1-2 '18
EditorsGet UT token for articles editingQ1 '18
Get UT token for articles designQ1 '18
Get UT token for optimizing articles for search enginesQ1 '18
AuthorsGet UT token for ad clicks in their articlesянв '18
TranslatorsGet UT token from authors for translationsQ1 '18



Have questions? Welcome to our Telegram