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The ICO is completed. Distribution is in progress. If you were buying tokens, we will send you a letter with instruction how to receive them. Log in to view the amount of tokens you have bought.
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United Traders

United Traders – a brand that encompasses several products in the field of trading

Investment marketplace


Has been working since 2012. New interface release coming in September - October 2017. Investment proposals from the traditional and new economies: algorithmic strategies on NYSE, cryptocurrency strategies, IPO, ICO, OTC.


We will establish a community of experts to screen for investment ideas.

The expert status will be received by users for success in trade, investments, etc. The expert rating in the blockchain cannot be falsified and the investors will be able to trust them.

The investors, traders and brokers will be able to buy and sell tokens secured by shares of non-public companies, such as SpaceX, Slack...

All exchanges in one platform


Aurora – a platform that supports operations at NYSE, NASDAQ, CME, MOEX and other exchanges since 2011. Right now we are making cryptocurrency exchanges, large orders execution service available and getting ready to launch an exchange of our own.


We will connect cryptocurrency exchanges to the platform.

We will launch our own cryptocurrency exchange and will ensure liquidity for the existing cryptocurrencies. We will place project tokens that performed ICO in UT marketplace.

Banks and investment funds will be able to collaborate with our cryptocurrency exchange. For this, we will connect a service for large procurements and will obtain licenses in the required jurisdictions.


Now — a magazine for traders, where authors receive money for their articles. This ensures a flow of new clients to our other services. “Financial dictionary” increased attendance thirtyfold – by 500 000 people/month.


We will expand the list of dictionary topics and will contract translators to different languages. Due to this, we will expand our audience to 20 million people/month by 2019.

We will invite new advertisers that will be able to place advertising in the topics or specifics articles of interest to them.

The authors, translators and advertisers will receive a part of the profits from advertising in articles. The site will receive a commission from advertisers.


History and Roadmap

  • Development of the UT brand
    Feb 2009
  • First seminars
  • Arche platform launch
  • UT Magazine launch
  • Mass courses launch
  • Launch of Aurora
  • Launch of Kvadrat Black
  • Development of a financial dictionary
  • IPO launch
  • Affiliates UT release
  • OTC stocks launch
    Jan 2017
  • UT Crypto launch
    Jun 2017
  • Education UT release
    Jul 2017
  • Investment marketplace release
    Oct 2017
  • 2nd stage of the Financial dictionary launch on UT Magazine
    Oct 2017
  • New Education interface
    Nov 2017
  • New Affiliates UT interface
    Nov 2017
  • New Trader's personal account interface
    Dec 2017
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges made available on Aurora
    Dec 2017
  • ICO launch on Investment platform
    Jan 2018
  • Acceptance of as means of payment
    Jan 2018
  • UT smart route release
    1 Q 2018
  • New Aurora interface
    1 Q 2018
  • Launch of a cryptocurrency dark pool
    1-2 Q 2018
  • Full release of UTEX cryptocurrency dark pool
    2-3 Q 2018
  • Mobile platform version
    3 Q 2018
  • Launch of the UT community
    3-4 Q 2018
  • Launch of a decentralized UTDEX exchange
  • Obtaining a license
  • Tokenization of shares in the companies

2nd stage of the Financial dictionary launch on UT Magazine

We'll be gradually expanding the financial dictionary topics coverage on UT Magazine and translate the portal into other languages to provide authors from other countries with access to it. We are confident of a significant boost in attendance in a few months after the first articles are published. Our next step is to provide access to the website to a wide range of advertisers.

Tokens placement

Total number
100  000  000
For Sale
65  000  000
UT founders and employees
30  000  000
Partnership program and Bounty
5  000  000
After the ICO the undistributed part will be destroyed

Revenue distribution

Product team22%
Marketing and adverts18%
Special project expenses
Megadictionary content  6%
Market Making UTEX8%
ICO Projects8%

For more details on the tokens distribution see in the White paper.

Application of UT token

Token UT token is 100% legal as a gift card for purchases. Token UT token is a product token (Howey test assessment: 20).

Please find details of the tokens application at Whitepaper.
Investment Marketplace
InvestorsPay fees in UT token for participation in investment ideasDEC '17
Swap UT token for ICO projects tokensQ1−2 '18
ManagersPay in UT token for consultations on ICO topicsQ1−2 '18
Get UT token for implementation of investment ideasQ1−2 '18
Start-upsPay in UT token for consultations on ICO topicsQ1−2 '18
Pay in UT token for on-platform placement applications processingJAN '18
Get UT token in exchange for their ICO tokensDEC '17
ExpertsGet UT token for ICO projects admission votingQ2−4 '18
Get UT token for investment ideas admission votingQ2−4 '18
Get UT token for successful projects admissionQ2−4 '18
Exchange and Trading
TradersPay trade execution fees in UT tokenDEC '17
Market makersGet UT token for maintaining the liquidity requirementsQ1−2 '18
Start-upsPay in UT token for start of their tokens public tradingQ1−2 '18
ExpertsGet UT token for assessment of tokens admission for public tradingQ2−4 '18
AdvertisersPay in UT token for clicks or ad showsQ1-2 '18
Pay in UT token for articles, getting their priority right to place their ads in themQ1-2 '18
Get UT token for their services rendered to usersQ1-2 '18
EditorsGet UT token for articles editingQ1 '18
Get UT token for articles designQ1 '18
Get UT token for optimizing articles for search enginesQ1 '18
AuthorsGet UT token for ad clicks in their articlesQ1 '18
TranslatorsGet UT token from authors for translationsQ1 '18



Advisors and partners

Mr. Simon Librati

Founder of Clearpool Group, WTS proprietary trading, Co-Founder of FNG ETF , trading on NYSE Social and media tech fund

Founder of Clearpool Group, WTS proprietary trading, Co-Founder of FNG ETF , trading on NYSE Social and media tech fund. Simon has started his career as a trader in Montreal. Over 18 years he has been deeply involved in all areas of trading - from funding to developing and managing teams worldwide. In the early 2000s, he worked for Canadian prop-trading company Swift Trade. The same company where United Traders managing partners Dmitry Belousov and Roman Vishnevsky have began their trading career. In 2006 mr. Librati and his partner established prop-trading company World Trade Securities. By 2009, WTS had thousands traders around worldwide, which made it one of the largest prop-trading companies. The next step was to expand into the U.S. He and his partner founded WTS Proprietary Trading Group and became members of the CBOE Stock Exchange, bringing their business into line with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regulations. In 2012, WTS bought out Dimension Trading Group, which employed another managing partner of UT - Anatoly Radchenko. WTS has also acquired developer of the Blackwood trading platform, branded Fusion today. We are long-time partners of Simon in the U.S. stock trading. In the near future, we plan to expand our cryptocurrency products into the U.S. market and worldwide, and Simon's expertise will enable us to do this as efficiently as possible.Profile - Simon Librati

200 Million Dollar Trader

“A Trader So Secret They’re Only Known by a Number”

In June 2017, published an article about a trader who made 413% trading cryptocurrencies. This trader turned $55 million of paper wealth into $283 million. This information surfaced in the Ethereum blockchain and was shared in Instagram publication on June 11, 2017. He or she or they (the correspondent of wrote) did not reveal their identity even now, having become an advisor to United Traders. The only available pubic information is Ethereum network address: 0x00A651D43B6e209F5Ada45A35F92EFC0De3A5184. We can only say that the owner of this address has invested in Bitcoin for a long time, bought Ethereum at the ICO and engaged in mining and is well versed in blockchain technologies and cryptography. We are confident that our cooperation with a 200 million trader as an advisor will lead to great performance in all these areas. In addition, the 200 million dollar trader has already bought UTT tokens for 11864.4 ETH. The signed message from the "200 Million Dollar Trader" address reads: “United Traders – strong buy!”. A signed message in the Ethereum network:{'address': '0x00a651d43b6e209f5ada45a35f92efc0de3a5184', 'msg': '\'United Traders - strong buy!\'\n20 november 2017', 'sig': '0x9185b140c1200d797f4b5ea965e2c6e960255f9910267167e063a570b1dbe8766dff68179f9d7e2a537e7aaf56266f21d0b0cecf350d4e3b21c1e9366734f0161c', 'version': '2'}Validate messageAbout 200 Dollar Trader

NP RTS Association

The Association of Financial Market Participants “Nonprofit Partnership for the Development of the RTS Financial Market”

NP RTS Association was established in 1995 and unites about 70 professional financial market participants. In the beginning of 2000 The RTS received the stock exchange license. A little later, the most successful Russian market for futures and options (FORTS) appeared on the RTS stock exchange platform, which was included in the Top 10 international derivatives sites. By 2006, the exchange's turnover reached $100 billion, and in 2011 a deal was made to merge the MICEX CJSC and RTS OJSC (the latter was sold for more than $1 billion). Currently, the NP RTS Association is working on a number of projects, including the launch of the U.S. stocks trading at the Saint-Petersburg Exchange (NP RTS Association being its principal stakeholder) in the end of 2014. The main market-maker on the stock exchange is United Traders. In 2017 the Nonprofit Partnership launched a cryptocurrency exchange platform Voskhod, the main feature of which is to become fully regulated. We are partnered with the NP RTS Association for the development of the Saint-Petersburg Exchange and Voskhod electronic platform. We believe that the experience of the NP RTS Association management in the development of exchange technologies and the expert knowledge of the NP RTS President, Roman Goryunov, will accelerate the development of UT's business and make the company's products more mature and valuable for our customers.About NP RTS


An umbrella project of open source blockchains and related tools, started in December 2015 by the Linux Foundation, to support the collaborative development of blockchain-based distributed ledgers

United Traders has joined the Hyperledger foundation

In recent years, the blockchain has penetrated more and more industries and being combined with other technologies. One is safe to say that one of the most significant changes occurs in the financial sector.

United Traders became the fourth Russian organization to join Hyperledger. The company develops a proprietary product, advises organizations and government agencies on the prospects and integration of solutions built upon distributed ledger technology.

Hyperledger is a consortium run by the Linux Foundation that brings together financial and technology corporations, including IBM, Intel, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, and others. The key goal of the consortium is to study, implement and promote the blockchain technology. To date, the foundation unites 170 organizations actively developing joint open source solutions.